About Jane Marquardt

Jane Marquardt has a long history and commitment to creating opportunities and defending civil rights, especially for women. As a young attorney in the 1970’s and 80’s, Jane was heavily involved in advocating for the passage of the Equal Right Amendment, including speaking on the issue at Weber State University and on the floor of the Utah State Senate. Jane was also heavily involved in domestic violence issues, including serving on a statewide taskforce on domestic violence and co-authoring Utah’s first spousal abuse protective order legislation. Civil rights, and by connection women’s rights, was her first major foray into the world of political activism, and her commitment to equal rights continues to guide her philanthropy, career, and moral compass today.

In addition to her political work, Jane served as an early mentor to many young female attorneys. Jane, as one of the first women practicing law in Northern Utah, recognized the challenges that came with breaking through the stereotypes often held by judges, fellow lawyers, and clients. She often spoke to groups of new female attorneys on how to best establish yourself in the legal community – “Work hard, have impeccable integrity, and soon people will be knocking down your door to hire you as their attorney.”

Kate Kendell, now the Executive Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, credits Jane’s friendship and support as the reason she become an attorney. In 1993, Jane founded Weber State University’s Phoenix Achievement Scholarship. The scholarship is given to students who are involved in the Gender & Women’s Studies program and actively enhance the education of women and gender issues across campus. Finally, Jane was also very active in the Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Committee in the late 80’s. The Committee is now one of the Chamber’s largest and most active subcommittees. In 1989, Jane was named the “Outstanding Women Lawyer” by the Women Lawyers of Utah.

“I am a lawyer because of Jane Marquardt. Jane early mentorship to me helped me believe in my capacity to make change. This is her passion because Jane is a change-maker: when she sees injustice she fights for justice, when she sees exclusion she fights for inclusion. Jane has made a huge impact on the lives of the LGBT community, particularly in her home state of Utah, and her broader engagement in civil rights issues generally has made a sustained impact. If everyone fought back against bigotry as Jane has, we would all be living better lives.”
–Kate Kendell, NCLR

janemarquardtToday, Jane Marquardt remains committed to educating and engaging women as a key part to addressing many of the issues facing the world. As the Vice Chair of Management & Training Corporation (MTC), Jane pursues the company’s mission to be a leader in social impact by preparing youth for employment and citizenship, providing greater opportunity for citizens globally through economic and social development, and investing in communities, among other actions.

As part of this mission, MTC does extensive domestic and international work to help people develop the skills needed to build better lives for themselves and their families. Women, at-risk-youth, ethnic minorities, and the disabled are often disproportionality impacted by economic instability. As such MTC often seeks out and implements programs to support and educate women as a means to reform and grow underprivileged and struggling societies.